'End Balaclava Drama'

The Guardian – Interview
April 2009

‘Daragh Carville’s latest play, This Other City, contains no references to the Troubles’ legacy, tortured paramilitaries, on-the-run informers or avenging victims seeking truth and justice. Carville, whose Hollywood-backed screenplay Cherrybomb will be shown in cinemas, says it is up to writers to reflect the emerging Northern Ireland.’ Read full feature…

'Britain's Film Pioneers'

The Guardian – Interview
April 2014

‘With over 800 films of remarkably consistent quality, is it possible to pick a favourite? “I’m particularly drawn to the long takes shot from moving vehicles,” Carville says. “They called them ‘phantom rides’, which seems a perfect description for what Mitchell and Kenyon achieved. Between them they bequeathed a whole pantheon of celluloid ghosts.” Read full feature…

'Recreating the World of Mitchell & Kenyon'

WriteWyattUK – Interview
April 2014

‘It’s a new departure for me, but I’m relishing the opportunity. It’s the first play I’ve written with songs in it, but in a sense they penned themselves. While researching I started writing, and very quickly the characters started speaking in rhyme, directly addressing the audience, and singing.’ Read full feature…

'Do What You Love'

BBC Website – Q&A

‘Looking back, the fact that at 17 I was applying to do a Film Studies and Drama degree shows where my mind was at. I remember a conversation when I was a kid with a visitor to the house, my aunt Mary – my Godmother actually – and she asked me what I was going to be when I grew up. And I said a film-maker. This would have been a completely alien idea – there was probably a bit of scoffing in our house – but she smiled and said ‘sure somebody has to do it.’ Read full feature…

'My Doctor Who'

The Fan Can – Q&A

‘It’s not my favourite era – Doctor Who should be funny, and these stories were rarely that – but that suited us at the time, me and my friends, in our very nineteen-eighties teenage earnestness, all long coats and Smiths albums. Doctor Who wasn’t a kids show anymore, it was all serious and grown-up – and so were we.’ Read full feature…

'I'm Always Writing'

Crime Scene NI – Q&A
December 2009

‘It’s about learning the craft – which you do by trial and error, by writing and learning from your mistakes. Also by watching films and TV and reading as many scripts as you can. It’s amazing that some people who say they want to write screenplays don’t actually know how scripts work, what they look like, what they do and don’t do.’ Read full feature…


‘The Bay’


Drama Quarterly – Feature
August 2018

‘I do like being involved in that side of things [production]. I’m enough of a fanboy to find the nuts and bolts of what directors and actors do and the whole production process fascinating,” he says. “But, realistically, my priority has to be the scripts.’ Read full feature…