Being Human

‘Sticks and Rope’

Release: 2013
Series: 5, Episode 2
Screenplay: Daragh Carville

The supernatural series Being Human was one of BBC Three’s most successful shows, bringing together werewolves and witches, vampires and ghosts in a mix of comedy and drama that had audiences hooked from the start.

In ‘Sticks and Rope’, Daragh takes the reins. As Hal and Tom go head to head as employee of the month, Alex discovers another ghost in the house, a Victorian child, Oliver, who has deadly secrets of his own.

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Release: 2013
Series: 2, Episode 2
             3, Episode 2
Screenplay: Daragh Carville

BBC Northern Ireland’s student drama continues as our six protagonists get down to some serious study – after the party has finished, of course.

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The Smoke


Release: 2014
Series: 1, Episode 5
Screenplay: Daragh Carville

An experienced fire fighter is badly injured and spends almost a year recovering at home. Now he returns to work, but is he as emotionally and physically sound as he thinks he is?

Created by Lucy Kirkwood, and starring Jodie Whittaker and Jamie Bamber, The Smoke proved a hit for Sky UK. In episode five, co-written by Daragh and series creator Lucky Kirkwood, tensions escalate between Dennis and Mal after a botched training exercise. But when a call out goes wrong, will they be able to work together to survive the day?

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